Bottle Water in the Age of Covid
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Bottle Water in the Age of Covid

Bottle Water

Over the last 2 years, the Covid pandemic has dramatically changed the consumer drinking water landscape.  For example, public Hydration Stations are no where near as popular as they were pre - Covid.  Who feels comfortable using a public hydration station when a single use water bottle is available as an alternative source?

Home and office water bottle delivery services are flourishing due to the convenience and the new normal of our "Cocoon" society.  Not only has Amazon delivery changed consumer behavior, the onset of  the pandemic has also forced consumers to choose home delivery of drinking water.  The logistics for the consumer of going to a crowded retail / big box store and spending time selecting, having to lift heavy quantities of drinking water and then repeating the process when they get to their home or office is no longer sensible when those services are available at their fingertips, at an affordable price.


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